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Modafinil is a drug administered orally, for the purpose of improving wakefulness among patients experiencing excessive sleepiness in spite of having ample hours of sleep. In some ways, Modafinil is similar to armodafinil. Working in the same way as the amphetamines, the Modafinil stimulates the brain, inducing wakefulness.

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Modafinil in Short

While the exact chemical mechanism of Modafinil is unknown, it is theorized that it works by increasing the activity and amount of the brain’s dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain, allowing the nerves to communicate with one another. With an increased Dopamine and dopamine activity, wakefulness is implied. Modafinil is an FDA approved drug since 1998.

Sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders due to shift work sleep patterns may be treated with Modafinil. This drug can get as potent and its effect may be immediately felt. A recommended dose of Modafinil should not exceed 400 mg. A 200 mg tablet may be ample to induce in wakefulness for several hours. While the Modafinil promotes an instant relief for sleepiness, sleep cannot be dispensed at all. Modafinil may be taken without food, or other related stimulants. Administration of Modafinil may not require a doctor’s prescription.

How It Works

Modafinil works through improving the cognitive activities of the patient. Unlike other stimulants, Modafinil may not be addictive, and is even used for the treatment of methamphetamine addicts. While it works in the similar manner as that of the latter, the Modafinil does not incur in prefrontal cortical functions as the methamphetamines.

French scientists have also found out that the Modafinil can aid in the improvement of one’s memory and other mental functions. This is evidenced by their related experiment conducted on the sleep-deprived mice. The conclusion of the study predicted that the Modafinil may work similarly when administered among human patients.

Another theory suggests that Modafinil alters the functioning of the neurotransmitters, stimulating alertness in the brain. It also improves the activities of the frontal lobe of the brain too.

Why Use Modafinil

There are a number of cases when Modafinil may be best administered to a patient. Those who experience excessive sleepiness, sleep disorders, prohibited drugs addiction and even ADHD may be administered with Modafinil.

Excessive Sleepiness:
Excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy may be treated with Modafinil. Narcolepsy is a disease of the spinal cord and the brain, which is characterizes by an uncontrollable and recurrent desire to sleep. Persons who have narcolepsy may fall asleep even in the most unsuitable places and situations. This kind of chronic disease may cause shameful situations, and accidents in some instances. Excessive sleepiness may be experienced too by those who have shift work, in which the normal sleeping pattern is disturbed. In this situation, Modafinil may work best as long as the patient gets ample sleep in spite of the disruption in sleep pattern.

Sleep Disorders:
People who suffer from sleep disorders may be take Modafinil to alleviate their sleepiness. Those who suffer with sleep apnea may experience constant sleepiness throughout the day, and in this case, having Modafinil may be advised. Sleep apnea is such condition wherein a person’s sleep at night is interrupted constantly. This sleep interruption may be caused by shallow breathing or sleep pauses due to the obstruction of the airways. In this case, a person is advised to consume medicine that should promote wakefulness throughout the day.

Prohibited Drugs Addiction:
Though the effects of Modafinil may be similar to that of the methamphetamines, it may not be as addictive as the latter. In fact, the Modafinil may be used to fight off addiction to illegal substances and drugs such as cocaine. Health professionals advise this particular medicine to alleviate addiction to the same illegal substance. While its mechanism is not fully understood, the Modafinil is viewed as a potential anti-addiction drug.

Persons who suffer from ADHD or that condition which is called as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are administered with the Modafinil too. The effectiveness of this drug in treating ADHD has been evidenced by a clinical trial which showed promising results of the Modafinil in countering the symptoms of ADHD. However, the FDA refused to approve the drug as a medication for ADHD.

No Prescription Needed

Unlike other drugs that manifest the same potency, the Modafinil does not need a prescription to be availed of by the consumer. Modafinil is the generic form of the drug, while the Provigil is its common brand name. A number of pharmacies, dispensing clinics, and even online stores supply this particular drug without a need for the doctor’s prescription. The website is one of the most prominent sources of the Modafinil in terms of online purchasing. The same website also contains a number of information regarding this drug, which could be helpful to those who intend to give this a try.

Having the opportunity to purchase the Provigil without the need for prescription could be great news to many. For those who are plagued with constant sleepiness, there is this instant remedy. With the Modafinil available for purchase anytime, persons who experience sleep disorders and similar symptoms may be given an instant cure. It has to be noted that the Modafinil does not merely promote sleepiness, it also promotes an instant energy boost and brain activity. There are not adverse effects to using Modafinil. It does not counter-react with other medications, though it may weaken the chemical potencies of other administered drug to the patient.

Finally, the Modafinil is 100% safe and effective. This is the reason why this drug may be purchased even without a doctor’s prescription. It can even be used by those with drug abuse history, as it does not give off the effects of Ritalin and other caffeine-based medicines and amphetamines. A short medication period of Modafinil may bring about long and lasting benefits. This drug may not incur in possible damages to the internal organs, unlike other drugs of the same nature and effect. Blood pressure and other vital activities are never affected by the Modafinil as well. This drug constantly remains faithful to its purpose, which is to promote wakefulness and to improve activities in the brain and nothing else.